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[01 Feb 2005|01:27pm]


Hey check out Hidden In Plain View.
their full length drops Feb. 22 and will not disappoint
they are amazing so please listen to them!
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!!! [25 Jun 2004|07:25pm]

[ mood | amused ]

this community rules

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[22 Jun 2004|07:50am]

[ mood | Bored and hungry.. ]

Hah, well I'm not fat, but I have the mind of a fat kid.... And I eat more then half the fat kids I know.... Soo yea.... Audrey(gunxshadowsx) will vouch for that....

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[21 Jun 2004|07:26pm]

__jenny is not fat, leave this one kid scene....only fat people aloud!
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whoa!!! [19 Jun 2004|02:19pm]

HOLY CHEESE CAKE!!!! This is the best community ever started!!! only problum is noone writes in it and im the only member even though i didnt make it?? strange. oh well, i am gonna promot this shit up because the FatScene is the place to be!! whoop for fattycore!! Dance naked!!!! Ok well people need to join this because its awesome!! BE FAT!
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